Will the ADA Cardano Goliath soon Replace Ethereum?


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With the latest Mary hard fork, Cardano is now one step closer to become a real threat against Ethereum. It is already aiming to capture the second spot of Ethereum.

Will the ADA Cardano Goliath soon Replace Ethereum?

Cardano has been one of the leading cryptocurrencies since it was founded. This year has proved phenomenal for Cardano in terms of price gain. Posting double-digit growth by crossing $1 some days back, Cardano has been the talk of the town for some time now. 

With its resilience against the price drop observed across almost every leading cryptocurrency, Cardano has proved to be one of the handfuls of projects today with immense potential of offering huge returns to ADA token holders. 

Mary Hardfork will Increase the Prices Further

The prices of Cardano are likely to skyrocket even further with the Mary hard fork a few hours away. It is on top of the amazing 1200% price rise of ADA. 

The ADA/ETH charts depict that ADA is now moving onto Ethereum’s territory. If this materializes, Cardano will take over the position of second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap from Ethereum. Who would have thought so a few months back? But the current circumstances and the strong performance of Cardano have made its case even stronger. 

Another news that put the focus on altcoins like Cardano was about a Dubai company, which will sell Bitcoin worth $750 million to buy more ADA and Polkadot in March month. This incident acted as fuel to the fire, and more people got to know about ADA. Thus, more and more users bought ADA and have become hodlers. 

What Changes Would Mary Hardfork Bring?

Will the ADA Cardano Goliath soon Replace Ethereum?

The hard fork scheduled for 1st March 2021 will enable users to define their custom tokens. They would be able to do so through the multi-asset ledger. The Mary Hard fork will add to the utility of the Cardano blockchain by adding a new layer of functionality.

Overall, Mary hard fork will enable developers to easily implement a token-based system on the Cardano blockchain, which will benefit them as the fees on the Cardano blockchain ecosystem is far lower than that of the Ethereum blockchain. 


The time for Cardano has come. With the spotlight finally on Cardano, it will see the traction it always deserved. 2021 will prove to be the year of Cardano. After Mary Hard Fork, we may even see Cardano dethrone Ethereum from its position as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. 

We also may soon hear an announcement from Cardano about a deal with a large African nation. Once announced, this will increase its user base by millions. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021 when it comes to Cardano and their promising ADA token.

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