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User Management/Design: Custom build Advanced
Company transparency: Transparent and Legit
Site Security: SSL/Dedicated server and network
Deposit options: BTC, ETH, USDT, Dash, Vexel, Bank Cards
Affiliate: 1% to 12% and 2-4 level deep
Withdrawal: 24-48 hours
Investment: $100 minimum
Profit: 0.5%-2% daily until 250% reached

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Status: SCAM
(classified as Investment site)


  • Offers multiple payment options


  • Can only register by using affiliate link


We found that QuibTech is a company that is behind the website and you can call their business model as a crypto MLM niche. They are based in Estonia as that’s what they have written on their website. We did some search regarding the address and there were many companies operating at the same address. Hence, we came to the conclusion that it is most likely a virtual address that they must have rented from a company offering this service. 

Greg Limon and Chris Carl
Greg Limon & Chris Carl 2018

The CEO is Greg Limon who also founded the Company DigiMax Capital and ICOMAX back in 2018 whereof ICOMAX was together with Chris Carl, who is today SEO of DigiMax Global Solutions operating the website Greg Limon does refer to this website also on his LinkedIn page but actually not directly part. My guess is that the two pals Greg and Chis are both financially involved somehow, not really our concern how.

During our research for Review, we found that Greg also has a profile on ICO Bench, and on it, Greg has written that he is based out of Moscow, London, and Toronto. We believe that is working from either of these locations. 

Following is mentioned on their website:

“The development ideology of QubitTech implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, as well as distribution of platform resources among its users.

The main mission of QubitTech is to provide its users with effective ways to receive royalty payments from the use of quantum technologies, as well as to grant its users with an exclusive access to its strategic partners’ platforms.

The main goal of QubitTech is to reach platform’s capitalization value of 10 billion USDT and grow its users base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025.”

Plans Review SCAM or Paying?
Plan terms

As mentioned above, the business model leverages partly on the MLM business model to generate revenue. But besides this, they mention their Binary option what is automated trading done by their system. They do not give many details on this part besides short mention it and show some daily trading signals from the news section.

However, in your account, you will find a live trading resume history and a detailed history page with real data ticking in during the day showing each trading result made. Review SCAM or Paying?

They have multiple business plans as follow with each plan offering different minimum, earning level and gives different commission in multiply levels. Review SCAM or Paying?

#1. Bronze Plan Investment Required: $100

#2. Bronze+ Investment Required: $500 Review SCAM or Paying?

#3. Silver Investment Required: $1000

#4. Silver+ Investment Required: $5000 Review SCAM or Paying?

#5. Gold Investment Required: $10,000

#6. Gold+ Investment Required: $25,000 Review SCAM or Paying?

#7. Platinum Investment Required: $50,000

#8. Platinum+ Investment Required: $100,000


This one was actually hard to get to the bottom of. When you’re dealing with a company making such a huge build and setup you need to go deep to find and validate all the information.

We know the people behind is real and we know the cost of this build is a huge investment. What we don’t know is if the business model is pure Ponzi or really is solid. But logically you do have a good income for a few years ahead before we finally find that out.

Hopefully proof will show up over time. We will follow up on this site and update it.

We recommend you try this investment. But keep in mind never invest more than you can afford to lose.

UPDATE: 15th June 2021

They currently changed the program and removed all earnings from your referral balance to 0 with an excuse that they went to pay Govern tax and fees. This is not true and an excuse practiced to lower their payments to keep this program running with new terms and policy. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO JOIN OR INVEST IN QUBITTECH AS THIS TURNS OUT BADLY

Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.


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