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User management: Web
Company transparency/support: Not Legit
Payment options: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin 
Reward type/share/pool: N/A
Cost electric power per TH/day (btc): N/A
Contract price: Starts from $5 for 1 TH/s 
Earning return: 912.5% per year

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Status: SCAM
(classified as HYIP) Review SCAM or Legit?


A nice try but didn’t fool anyone.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Advanced and user-friendly website


  • Limited information about the company
  • Unrealistic returns offered
  • No images or videos of their claimed mining data centers

Disclaimer: This site is a category HYIP (high-yield investment program) and will pay only for a certain time. As for all HYIP websites, this can change any moment and we need to stress to you that deposit to such sites is not recommended unless you like to gamble with your money at your own risk.


Imining Pro Limited is a UK-based company. As per our research for review, Andrew Jonathan Fox is their director. They claim on their website that they have already got 10K users. The following information is mentioned on their website:

“ engaged in cloud mining. We have not only the best equipment, but also the software developed by us. Our algorithm allows you to track the most profitable coins for mining 24/7 and mine only them.

Our data centers are located in Kuwait, Myanmar and China, as they have the cheapest electricity rates. Our contracts with equipment manufacturers allow us to buy new products among the first in the world.

All these factors allow us to pay our clients a minimum of 70% net profit (100% deposit + 70% profit) annually.”

Investment Plans

There are two plans that offers to their customers. These are:


  • Mining Rig: SHA-256
  • Number of Cryptocurrencies: 10 main coins
  • Minimal Power Capacity: 6 TH/s
  • Service Fees: 20%
  • Rental Rate: 30$ for 6 TH/S
  • Potential Profit: 250% per year


  • Mining Rig: SHA-256 Altcoin
  • Number of Cryptocurrencies: 100-150 altcoins
  • Minimal Power Capacity: 6 TH/s
  • Service Fees: 20%
  • Rental Rate: 30$ for 6 TH/S
  • Potential Profit: 2.5% per day


Well, this is gonna be long. You must be waiting to find out if is one of the good guys. Let’s see what we found.

During our research for imining pro review, we found that the domain and company both are just a few months old. Their hosting is from a Russian hosting company – Now, these guys offer shared hosting. It means that does not have a private dedicated server. 

What’s worse is the use of what we call a dummy address. Checking the Company address only points you to a private apartment just above an ATM machine what is the said Company address aka “dummy”. Review SCAM or Legit?
20 Russell’s Wharf Flats, Harrow Road, London, United Kingdom, W10 4RE

One interesting thing that struck me was their marketing video. In it, the guy said that he worked in the marketing department in imining for 3 long years. How is this possible! Both the company and website are just a few months old. 

Their CEO claimed on Twitter that imining already got more than 10K customers. Now, this must translate in terms of organic visitors as well. But we found that most of their site visitors are paid. We checked this on Alexa Review SCAM or Legit?
Andrew Jonathan Fox, Director, Birth December 1966 (54 Years old)

If you know about, you must have come across their CEO’s photo. We did our research to find this guy but he doesn’t have a presence on any of the social media platforms. Then, we monitored his photos with utmost precision to check for any abnormalities. We are sure that this guy’s photo is a deep fake created by AI. 

There are just way too many red flags here to trust these guys. Beware and don’t invest a dime in their plans. If you want to try your luck, then we suggest that you don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose. 

If you want to check how we find the Red Flags you can do this here. Then you will notice that got a match on literally on all of them. By my count we got 13 red flags placing on the top SCAM list what is also the reason we mark it as Busted!

Our rating for is 0.5 out of 5.0.

Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.
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