How to Find Blockchain Investors?


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How to Find Blockchain Investors?

Do you have a blockchain startup? First of all, let me congratulate you on launching your startup in one of the hottest domains today. At the same time, You must be having many questions now. The most prominent one among them must be – how to find a blockchain investor.

If you have a DeFi startup, then I am sure that you must have put in lots of effort in DeFi marketing. But have you given the same amount of effort on raising funds for your DeFi startup? Funding is an integral part of a startup. 

There are tremendous opportunities for blockchain startups currently. Many industries have started realizing the power of blockchain technology. They have understood that blockchain technology has the potential to transform the entire industry for good.

The services from blockchain startups are seeing an increasing demand among sectors such as healthcare, cybersecurity, finance, legal, and many more. It’s just a matter of time before your blockchain startup, too, starts gaining traction. But you must secure funding to start at a correct note. 

Finding investors on their own is a tough task for a new startup. Thus, it’s even tougher to find specialized investors such as the ones who invest in blockchain startups. There’s no need to worry about it as we have brought this article just for you. It will help you understand how to find blockchain investors. Not only that, but it will also shine some light on where to find blockchain investors

Join a Blockchain Accelerator 

An accelerator will guide you to develop your startup in the best way possible. Almost every startup accelerator that knows the ins & outs of the startup scene will be able to connect you with a network of investors. 

Joining industry-specific startup accelerators such as blockchain accelerators will prove better in connecting you with blockchain investors. If you are planning to enroll your startup in an accelerator program then you must put in some heavy hours to find a perfect fit for your startup. It is because it requires thorough research to find relevant accelerators. 

You must also factor in the cost of joining a blockchain accelerator, the location of the accelerator, and what kind of investment opportunities these accelerators offer. There are lots of startup accelerators in the market today. They are in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and other regions. The startup accelerators are available both in the English-speaking regions as well as the non-English speaking regions. 

Due to the increasing popularity and demand of blockchain around the world, there has been an increase in the number of blockchain accelerators in the market. Hence, you have lots of options to choose from. Some of the leading blockchain accelerators are Chain Accelerator, Tribe Accelerator, InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator, Techstars, and many others. 

But if you are joining an accelerator for investment opportunities alone then the additional costs may not be worth it. There are better options out there to find blockchain investors for your startup. 

Go Directly to Blockchain Funds

How to Find Blockchain Investors?
Source: Stanford University

Another option to find blockchain investors is to research them using various tools such as Crunchbase, Pitchbook, AngelList, etc., alone, has over 1000 blockchain investors in its list. It also has almost 5000 blockchain startups in its database. If you don’t think that joining a blockchain accelerator is worth your time and money, then researching and reaching out directly to a blockchain fund can be an option for you.

There’s no doubt that 2018 was the golden year for the blockchain industry. In 2018, lots of blockchain startups were successful in raising capital. Today, the situation is not as good as it was in 2018. Most of the big-sized investments are going to the enterprise-sized blockchain companies. Nevertheless, blockchain is still one of the hottest industries today as well. 

It is indeed possible to get a list of blockchain investment funds. But you will have to put in lots of effort and hours to prepare a list and find the key personnel in the VC fund. That’s not all, you will also have to use tools such as, Rocket Reach,, or any similar tools to find the email ID of the key personnel at the VC fund. 

Now, you have researched and have collected all the necessary information? Is that it? So, now you can raise capital for your blockchain startup hassle-free? Unfortunately, no! To get their attention you will have to put in double the effort. It is because the investors give a high amount of importance to the track record of a startup before funding them. Let’s explore a few other options that could help you find blockchain investors. 

Attend Blockchain Events

You can gauge the prominence of the blockchain industry today by the number of blockchain-specific events around the world. Many blockchain summits and blockchain events are happening throughout the year. But you must have an A-level of networking skills to build connections at these blockchain events and summits. 

Lots of blockchain investors attend the blockchain events and summits. Hence, if you attend blockchain-specific events, you will soon be rubbing shoulders with high profile blockchain investors. Make sure you research in advance about the blockchain events and summits as you don’t wanna miss out on the action. Some of the top-level blockchain events are Blockchain Fund Summit, Blockchain World Congress, and Dubai’s Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit. 

Attending these blockchain events and summits will help you understand what the blockchain investors are looking for. The workshops, keynotes, and networking sessions will add to your knowledge. So, is attending blockchain-specific events the best way to find blockchain investors? It sure is one of the best options but not the top-most one. The best way to find blockchain investor is to work with a blockchain investors and marketing agency  

Work with Blockchain Investors and Marketing Agency 

How to Find Blockchain Investors?

There are some things that you should leave for the experts. Are you searching extensively for how to find blockchain investors? I am sure you must have found the names of investors and dozens of articles to help you. But if you want to find and connect with blockchain investors hassle-free, then you must get in touch with a blockchain investors agency. 

When talking about one of the best blockchain investors and marketing agencies, Crowdcreate’s name is on the top of the chain. So far, Crowdcreate has worked on 80+ projects and raised a total of $133 million for its clients. Their campaigns have reached an audience of 7.1 million. 

Crowdcreate’s innovative strategies have helped several blockchain projects so far. They are experts at optimizing funding efforts and campaigns of any blockchain startups. Over the years, the CrowdCreate team has gained insider knowledge of what works and what doesn’t while raising funds for blockchain projects. Thus, Crowdcreate was able to generate millions of dollars for its clients. 

The token sales are gaining momentum again and your blockchain startup should not miss out on it. Reach out to Crowdcreate today for a consultation today. 

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