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User management: Web Payment options: BTC/BCH/ETH Reward type/share: (all) you chose mining pool Cost daily electric power per Th/day (btc): 0.35 USD Contract price per Th/year (btc): 60 USD

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Status: PAYING


  • You decide the mining pool to use
  • Mining with BTC, LTD, ETH, DASH, ZEC
  • 10% commission partner program
  • Well known since 2013 and Legit


  • No mobile app
  • Often out of stock
  • Expensive price per TH 60 USD (btc)
  • Expensive 24h fee 0.35 USD/per TH (btc) is a well known and legit cloud-mining since 2013 and fully legal and transparent. They offer 5 types of mining algorithms and use of your own mining pool what is considered positive for selecting the highest pool reward return.

However, on the downside, I find that Hashflare is extraordinarily expensive compared to other top cloud-mining sites. You pay a whooping 60 USD per terahertz (SHA256), 2-3 times the price on average for a one year contract. Furthermore, you pay the daily maintenance fee 0.0035 10GB= 0.35 USD per 1/TH what is also very high on the industry average.

Doing a quick calculation I can not see any way possible getting a profit on this price structure.

To their defense, they do not charge any maintenance fee on Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash. BUT again the price does not match any return. Take ETH, you pay 140 USD for 10Mh for a one year contract. By current reward rate, this gives you 47 USD in return a FULL YEAR leaving you with a minus on almost 100 USD.

I will hope for they very soon get some new equipment and price structure for their own survival.


  • [email protected]
  • HashFlare LP
  • Company number SL024271
  • 44/46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh
  • Scotland, UK, EH10 4BF

How to get started.

Registration is easy and you can be up running in a few minutes right after contract purchase transaction register. The dashboard offers plenty of statistics and details thou no app follows so its all web-based.

Until Hashflare gets an updated price policy I can not recommend starting with them. After all, we invest to get a profit, not just to pay. Caused price and fee I can only give Hashflare 1.5 star total rating.

Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.
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