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User management: Hyip script/Standard template
Company transparency: Not Legit
Payment options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Payeer, Perfect Money 
Affiliate: 30%
Reward type/share/pool: N/A
Cost electric power per TH/day (BTC): N/A
Contract price: $22.63 for a 1 TH/s Bitcoin Mining  
Earning return: N/A 

User Review
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(classified as HYIP)

A doubtful service said at least and can not be recommended to anyone.


  • None


  • Limited information 
  • No images or videos of mining data centers

Disclaimer: This site is a category HYIP (high-yield investment program) and will pay only for a certain time. As for all HYIP websites, this can change any moment and we need to stress to you that deposit to such sites is not recommended unless you like to gamble with your money at your own risk.

Red-Flag Score

  • Company registration: Y
  • Address: Y 
  • People identity: Y
  • Script/code: Y
  • Design: Y
  • Profit return: Y
  • Onsite statistic process: Y
  • Payment processors: N
  • Video/Images of facilities: Y
  • Registered on HYIP Monitors: N




Globadino is a cloud mining company that mines some of the top cryptocurrencies through CPU mining. The company claims that it has been into the cloud mining business since 2017. They mention that they have a large cryptocurrency mining farm with the latest mining equipment. No other valuable information is available about the website. They haven’t even mentioned who owns the company and who are its key personnel.

Investment Plans

Globadino offers a lots of different plans to its customers. These are:

Basic 1 (SHA-256)

  • 1 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.00091526 BTC ($32.39)
  • Price: $22.63 

Basic 2 (SHA-256)

  • 2 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.00183052 BTC ($64.77)
  • Price = $44.35

Basic 3 (SHA-256)

  • 4 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.00366105 BTC ($129.55)
  • Price: $85.98 

Insider 1 (SHA-256)

  • 10 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.00915262 BTC ($323.87)
  • Price: $210.43

Insider 2 (SHA-256)

  • 20 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.01830524 BTC ($647.75)
  • Price: $407.28 

Insider 3 (SHA-256)

  • 40 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.03661047 BTC ($1,295.50)
  • Price: $796.47 

VIP 1 (SHA-256)

  • 50 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.04576309 BTC ($1,619.37)
  • Price: $961.64 

VIP 2 (SHA-256)

  • 100 TH/s
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.09152618 BTC ($3,238.75)
  • Price: $1,878.03 

VIP 3 (SHA-256)

  • 150 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Daily Profit: ~0.00037613 BTC ($13.31)
  • Price: $2,715.22 

Elite 1 (SHA-256)

  • 200 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.18305237 BTC ($6,477.49)
  • Price: $3,529.79

Elite 2 (SHA-256)

  • 400 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.36610473 BTC ($12,954.98)
  • Price: $6,788.06 

Elite 3 (SHA-256)

  • 800 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~0.73220947 BTC ($25,909.96)
  • Price: $12,671.04 

MEGA (SHA-256)

  • 2499 TH/s 
  • Revenue forecast:
  • Annual Profit: ~2.28723932 BTC ($80,936.25)
  • Price: $33,926.70 


Globadino claims to be a cloud mining company. It also provides a lot of different plans but nowhere have they mentioned the location of their mining data centers. They have not even provided any images or videos to back their claims. A reputed company also never hides information about its owners and key personnel. Yet, Globadino did not say anything about its key personnel and also kept mum about its owners. 

They have not even mentioned where are they located or where is their company registered. That left a really bad impression about them in our minds. It was almost a deal-breaker as trust is something that is very very important in the investment space. Who would invest in their plans when we cannot even find the basic information about them. On top of it, the company is not a popular one. Hence, even third-party websites don’t provide much information about the company. 

When it comes to the website of Globadino, we were unimpressed. It did not leave a positive impression. From design and website copy, everything about them is below par. They say that Globadino has 150K users. If that is true then it should also translate through its website traffic. Alexa shows that Globadino is one of the top-ranked websites and the majority of its traffic comes from Argentina. does very poorly in our red scam score (8/10). It means that the company is nothing but a scam. Our suggestion is that everyone stays far away from them and don’t invest even a dime in their plans. Our research for Globadino review proves that these guys are a scam. Our rating for is 0.5 out of 5.0.

Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.


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