Earn Free ETH and NFT by playing the online game Gods Unchained


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Get free ETH worth $20 and free NFT rewards, go ahead and claim it by playing the popular blockchain-based online gameGods Unchained”

Have you ever desired to earn money for playing a game? If your answer to this question is yes, then the Hashant team has good news for you. Gods Unchained, a popular blockchain-based game, is paying $20 worth of ETH in their wallet to their players. You have to follow a few steps to receive your rewards.


Create Gods Unchained Account


Create an account on Coinbase if you don’t already have one. 


Once you have created a Coinbase account, it’s time for you to link your Coinbase wallet to your Gods Unchained account. 


Subscribe to the email list of Gods Unchained.


Once the above four steps are completed, you should start playing the game. Here, it is a must to play a ranked game with a custom deck.


Use the workshop to build a custom deck.


Play 1 ranked game once on 5 different days. 


 Win 7 ranked games.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Gods Unchained Rewards

#1. Are there any geographical restrictions on who can receive God’s Unchained rewards?

Users only from the Coinbase supported countries can receive ETH worth $20 as a reward for playing God’s Unchained game. 

#2. Should Coinbase accounts be approved and verified by Coinbase?

Only approved and verified Coinbase users will receive the rewards for playing the Gods Unchained game.

#3. Will I receive rewards for unfinished missions?

Only finished missions are eligible for rewards.

#4. Can I use my Coinbase account multiple times to receive rewards for playing the Gods Unchained game?

Each Coinbase account can be used once for receiving rewards for playing the Gods Unchained game.


If you have not already registered and earned $20 worth of ETH for playing Gods Unchained, it’s time for you to explore the game. Known for its missions and collectibles, gaming enthusiasts will love this game as it is worth the experience. With the lure of $20 worth of ETH, the attraction of Gods Unchained becomes even more strong. Go ahead, register on Gods Unchained and play the game today. 

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