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- Review SCAM or Paying?


User Management/Design: Custom
Company transparency: Not legit
Site security: EV SSL
Deposit options: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, and Bitcoin Cash
Affiliate: 4 level 0.5% to 3%
Withdrawal: 10 mins to 12 hours
Investment: Starts at $15
Profit: 0.55% – 1.52% daily (Claimed)

User Review
1.6 (5 votes)

Status: SCAM
(classified as HYIP)


  • Multiple crypto payment options available
  • Offers a free plan
  • Comparatively low trading capital requirements


  • No card based or non-crypto payment methods available

Disclaimer: This site is a category HYIP (high-yield investment program) and will pay only for a certain time. As for all HYIP websites, this can change any moment and we need to stress to you that deposit to such sites is not recommended unless you like to gamble with your money at your own risk.


A company known as Deep Neuro Networks LTD is behind the Deep Trade Bot. They have developed crypto trading bots using cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Jim Stokes is the company Director. Their registration number is 12476635 Incorporated on 21 February 2020.

Address: 92 Stamford Hill, London, England, N16 6XS

They have also provided a phone number on their website. 


The product offered by Deep Neuro Networks is known deeptradebot. It is a trading robot. It helps users to earn profits by leveraging the price difference across multiple crypto trading platforms worldwide. 

Currently there are four bots on offer:

#1. Minibot 5 NFS

It has a power rating of 5, offers 4(+4) trading pairs, the min-max trade balance is 15 USD/250 USD and this plan is offered by the company for free.

#2. StandartBot 10 NFS

It has a power rating of 10(+2), offers 6(+4) trading pairs, the min-max trade balance is 45 USD/700 USD and this plan is offered by the company at a rental price of 10 USD.

#3. ProBot 15 NFS

It has a power rating of 15(+5), offers 8(+6) trading pairs, the min-max trade balance is 100 USD/2500 USD and this plan is offered by the company at a rental price of 25 USD.

#4. Net Premium 40 NFS

It has a power rating of 40(+5), offers 12(+6) trading pairs, the min-max trade balance is 1000 USD/10000 USD and this plan is offered by the company at a rental price of 45 USD.


It is doubtful that Trade Bot is a legit company but rather a nice setup HYIP. Having a UK company registration does not make this legit and the fact that Trade Bot is active on more than 30 HYIP monitoring websites confirms our suspicion.

A trader can use the Deeptradebot across major crypto exchanges, however we did not find any option to set up any connection rather than choose one of the predefined plans. The company claims that its bot offers high-frequency trading, trading arbitration, algorithmic trading. 

Yet, we suggest everyone to first try out the free plan and not buy into a paid contract unless you want to gamble your money. Deep Trade Bot is not currently a scam and is paying on the monitors, however, we can not recommend joining this.

Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.


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