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Cardano Announces Partnership With Ethiopian Government  

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With a partnership with the Ethiopian government, Cardano adding a huge 5 million new users to its network. ADA price breakout expected very soon.

The Cardano team has announced a partnership with the government of Ethiopia. Announcement of full details of this partnership is due on April 29th (Thursday). IOG, the parent company behind Cardano, posted on their Twitter handle that they will be making a national ID system powered by Cardano. They will partner with the Ministry of Education to make a "national ID and attainment recording system."

A couple of months ago, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder had disclosed that they are in talks with one of the largest countries in the African region for a pathbreaking deal. They were to gain over 5 million users from it. If the recent announcement is of any indication, the country in question is likely none other than Ethiopia. 

Why is this a Big Deal?

Making headway into the African region was always the aim of the Cardano team. This deal with the Ethiopian government will act as a pedestal for Cardano to increase its user base in the region. A partnership with Cardano will also serve the best interests of Ethiopia as Cardano’s blockchain system will revolutionize the Ethiopian Education system. 

An ID, based on Atala Prism will allow the secure creation of educational performance records for 3.5k schools, 5M pupils, and 750k teachers. It will benefit students with verifiable digital education. Teachers will be able to plan their lessons and monitor the attainment of students. 

According to the report by CityAm, the aim behind providing all the students with blockchain verified education is to eliminate fraudulent universities and job applications. Employers have the opportunity to check all the grades of potential employees without third-party agencies, in turn increasing social mobility. 

The Ethiopian government will give all the students and pupils tablets a dedicated internet network which will open doors to higher education and employment to the 80 percent of students who live in rural regions.

Machine Learning Algorithms paired with Student ID and Learning Management System will help to create an educational environment tailored to individual students.


Cardano’s partnership with the Ethiopian government is only the beginning. They will aim to turn this partnership into a launch platform to expand into more countries in Africa. The unexplored market of Africa will act as a catalyst for Cardano’s further growth and price appreciation of ADA

It is also beneficial for Ethiopia and its people. This deployment of blockchain in the education system of Ethiopia is a glimpse into the future. The results which this system can give to the people of this country will be a revolution. If its implementation is accordingly, it will be an example for the whole world that how blockchain can be the panacea for corruption and fraud. It will give millions and billions of people a chance for a better future.

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