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User management: Web
Company transparency/support: Legit and best paying cloud-mining
Payment options: BTC, ETH, LTH, XRP, and credit cards
Reward type/share/pool:
Cost electric power per TH/day (btc): 0.0-0.05 USD
Contract price per Th/year (btc): $49.8 USD per TH/s for 1-year
Earning return: 201% on Yearly Basis

User Review
3.33 (3 votes)


Ecos is one of the few credible and legit cloud mining service provider and currently one of the best performing on our list


  • Legit and best-performing Cloud-mining
  • Withdrawal starts from 0.01 BTC
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiply plans and daily payouts
  • Has an Affiliate Program 10% (for active members)


  • No photos or videos of data centers


Ecos Mining is a cloud mining company that was launched in 2017 and its website was also registered in the same year. Both Ecos and the Armenian government established a Free Economic Zone together and that’s where Ecos have established their own data center. 

The company is also one of the major partners in the Armenian Hrazdan Power Plant. The plan supplies 200 MW of electricity. FEZ allows Ecos to charge 0% profit tax and 0% VAT. This, in turn, benefits their customers. They also offer 24×7 support to their customers around the world. 

Mining and contracts

Ecos Mining’s website is user-friendly and looks well-maintained. They offer cloud mining services to their customers around the world. Review SCAM or Legit?

The contract page offers an easy to use, sliding calculator.

Depending upon the settings you will be charged a maintenance fee in the range of $0 to $0.05 per day. You can start investing in their plans with an amount as low as $149.

To create a contract start by setting the price slider on the amount you want to buy. After the price is set you can slide the duration of time and the service fee. Notice the TH you get change as you change the slider settings.

The service fee is all about risk-mode. You can set it to a 0$ fee if you believe the BTC price will get much lower than what you can generate per day, or you can set it to high=risky if you believe the BTC price will stay or get higher. Review SCAM or Legit?


Legit and best performing cloud-mining on our list.

Ecos Mining’s cloud mining prices may seem lower than normal. However, you must factor in the tremendous benefits that they have received through backward integration. They had initiated a “Free Economic Zone” in partnership with the Algerian government and that has accorded them the benefit of 0% profit taxes and 0% VAT. Additionally, they are one of the major shareholders in one of the largest powerplants in Algeria. Hence, it is very likely that they are receiving cheaper electricity. 

The company also has a presence on various popular social media channels and also maintains a Telegram group to address the concerns of their customers and anyone who is interested in signing up for their mining plans. Their LinkedIn page shows that 33 of their employees have a LinkedIn profile and it includes Ilya Goldberg, who is their managing partner. 

Overall, there are enough signals that give positive vibes about the company, and thus, we believe Ecos Mining to be a credible cloud mining service provider. Go check them out if you are looking for a trusted cloud mining company. 

Join Ecos Mining here


Disclaimer: @hashant has no connection to the sites we performed reviews and has not invested in any of the sites we perform a review on and we will never endorse or recommend you to invest in any of this sites. A review is made to help you find a good site among the many. Still, there are no guarantees that the site will perform well over time or are truly legal.

You can ask us to make a review on a particular website. To do so please leave a comment and the site URL on our suggestion page.


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