CARDANO ADA Coins African Deal to give 5 Million new users


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Referring to the deal that is under plans between Cardano and an African nation, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano said that this deal will turn out to be the biggest ever user acquisition in the history of cryptocurrency space.

He added that the deal will likely be announced in February as soon as the respective government of the African national finalizes the deal with Cardano. Charles noted that:

“There is a major commercial deal and is starting to leak a little bit. It’s about a bird. We are quite ready at our side but that government (a nation in Africa) is not ready to make that announcement yet. My understanding is that it’s in the final stage.”

Cardano Charles Hoskinson

As for the number of uses that Cardano stands to gain, Charles said that the deal once announced will add more than 5 million people to the user base of Cardano. 

“We believe it is going to occur in February and I haven’t got any information to the contrary. What I can say is this is a major deal that will involve more than 5 million people and is a very substantial thing to be deployed on Cardano.”

Cryptoverse’s Largest Ever User Acquisition Deal

Charles, the CEO of IOG, formerly known as IOHK, said the deal with the African country will be a significant milestone for Cardano. Pointing to the years of efforts that Cardano has made to enter the African region, Charles said:

“This particular entry point gives us the ability to extend and expand over a 24-month period for tens of millions of users. I think is the largest deal in the history of our industry for a single deal and user acquisition.”

Strong Interest of Charles Hoskinson & Cardano in the Development of Africa

Expanding on his strong interest in the development of the African region, Charles revealed in his interview with the Forcast. News, a couple of weeks ago, that he & Cardano are betting on the strong interest of Fortune 500 companies to expand into the developing world like Africa. For their mission, the Cardano team is aggressively pursuing the Fortune 500 companies to sell on Cardano and accept ADA as a payment mechanism.

“A Fortune 500 company needs new tools to be able to get into that market and work with those consumers. We can facilitate that because we’ve been in those jurisdictions, especially Ethiopia, for example, for over three years.”

Hoskinson believes that in the long run, Cardano may even leave behind Ethereum if they keep up the momentum. He said: 

“If we can keep this momentum and extend it, we’re really going to give Ethereum and the rest of these guys a run for their money.”

With strong fundamentals and an experienced team, 2021 will definitely prove to be a game-changing year for Cardano. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies that will lead the crypto market in 2021 along with Bitcoin, Ethereum  LINK, and few others. 

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