The last Bitcoin halving took place on May 11, 2020, and the next halving will likely occur in 2024 on the block number 840,000 on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Since we know a new block is created approximate every 10 minutes we can closely predict the time from our current block-level. 

Bitcoin Halving
Time in GMT-4 (New York)
2024, MAY 27th
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So what will happen?

The current mining reward on 6.25BTC per completed block will be split again in half to only 3.125 BTC per completed block. That will take a considerable amount of the mining companies' profit and put stress on their hardware requirements and power consumption. 

Now, mining does not only reward in the block-reward but do also includes the mining fee users spend to make the actual transaction. This amount continually increases with the increasing numbers of transactions made and a minor increase in fees included to speed up transactions.

This combined with a still increasing Bitcoin price still makes mining a business, just not for you and me but for the large mining corporations who invested in new technology and hashing power.

Also, don't forget that in total there CAN BE ONLY 21 million Bitcoins ever created. Knowing this put together with increased interest holding Bitcoins will get the Bitcoin price to continually increase its price.

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