Best performing Crypto site winner list 2020


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2020 Winner list best performing in 3 categories: Investment, Cloud-mining, Trading-platform.

Finding the best options for online investment or good online business opportunities is not an easy task. You end up researching several hundred sites to finally come out with just a few.

It’s not only a question about whatever it is a legit and a real business site. It also has to be profitable. That’s after all the whole point, to make some money.

Luckily for you, we have already done the work for you. We have investigated, tried out, dug out deep into the company, and people behind to unveil its illicit intentions or confirm its identity is real.

Winner – Cloud-Mining
Cloud-mining winner

Cloud.ecos is your best choice for joining the mining industry. It’s simple to use, performs very well, has good customer support, and returns your highest profit for the job done.

Winner – Investment

Currently no legit listed investment companies we can recommend. To get listed a site has to be 100% legit and transparent and run a well established business.

Winner – Trading

Best performing Crypto site winner list 2020
Trading winner

eToro is your best choice for trading and investment. The platform applies to both experienced and new traders with its amazing COPY-TRADE program you can either let the system copy a good trader of your choice or if you are experienced you might get copy-followers as well earning yourself an extra income.

For all 3 programs, you can make yourself a good income no matter it’s part or full time you decide. If you are curious you can also browse our full listing for each category of paying and approved sites. But I’m sure you will only come to the same conclusion in the end.


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